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[版本更新] 【版本更新】Ren'Py

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2016年12月31日 Ren'Py再,再一次更新——感觉预言要成真了,有点小激动昵!



This fixes a bug that could prevent viewport children from becoming focused, and a bug that prevented the RAPT and Renios DLC from being downloaded properly. It also adds functionality to support the interactive director.

2016年12月23日 Ren'Py再次更新。


This fixes a major issue that could cause MultiPersistent data to not work on systems using non-ASCII character sets. It also fixes other bugs, and updates the Indonesian translation.


PS:再不发布Ren'Py 7,版本号要变成:6.99.999.9999.99999.999999

昨日(20161220)Ren'Py对正式版进行推送,版号:,当然并不是Ren'Py 7 。



    I'd like to announce Ren'Py 6.99.12, the latest in a series of releasesthat will culminate in Ren'Py 7, and one of the biggest Ren'Py releasesto date.
This release focuses on improving support for new versions of macOS, bychanging the macOS-specific package to support code signing and workcorrectly when path randomization is enabled. When run on macOS, Ren'Pycan automatically sing the application, and create a signed disk image.The launcher can launch older Ren'Py applications on macOS Sierra, toimprove compatibility with older games.
Because of this change, the -all distribution has been retired, replacedwith -mac and a new -pc distribution that supports Windows and Linux.
The other main focus of this release is improving support for translationof the new GUI. Translating Ren'Py now translates both the launcher and theinterface of new games created in the launcher language. It is also possibleto change the font used by the launcher and new projects. There is a pageabout translating Ren'Py in the documentation, to guide the process.
In addition to these major focuses, this release includes a number of newfeatures and bug fixes.

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